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Snap-On Tools and Bankruptcy

December 05, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

This post pertains mostly to car mechanics, but should be considered by anyone with a significant amount of valuable tools. Lets say you’re a typical auto mechanic. You’ve spend a good about of money buying tools during your business including … Continue reading

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New President, Now What?

November 28, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

I’ve been pondering what a trump administration will mean for the bankruptcy practice. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really can’t tell. There doesn’t seem to be any talk about modifications to the Bankruptcy Code so I don’t expect … Continue reading

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When is a Student Loan Not a Student Loan

June 22, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

As you probably already know, student loans aren’t dischargable in bankruptcy absent a separate discharge proceeding for the student loan. But like everything else, what make a debt a student loan is all in the details. First off, Federal student … Continue reading

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NACBA 2016 Convention

March 30, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

Are you a bankruptcy attorney who lives and breathes 11 USC 101 et. seq.? Do you live to make life miserable for creditors? Do you primarily represent consumer debtors in bankruptcy? If you answered yes to these questions, then join … Continue reading

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Hockey Player Jack Johnson Files Bankruptcy

November 20, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

In the intersection of my two obsessions, Hockey and Bankruptcy, news comes out that Jack Johnson Dman for the Columbus Blue Jacks, has filed bankruptcy. After leaving his agent, it is reported that Johnson turned over his finance to his … Continue reading

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Pahoa Lava Flow

November 03, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

As the lava marches its way towards Pahoa, its effects are beginning to be felt even before it claims a single house. The biggest immediate effects are in real estate sales. Even sales that were in escrow are falling apart … Continue reading

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New Median Income Number Effective Nov. 1

October 16, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

Periodically, the US Bankruptcy Court publishes new median income number based on Census data. This number is important for bankruptcy filers because it will determine if the full means test needs to be calculated or if a filer will automatically … Continue reading

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Tuition vs. Student Loans

July 29, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   General bk   |   0 Comment

As most of you know already, student loans aren’t dischargable in bankruptcy. But not all money owed for school purposes qualify as student loans. A student loan is when a third party (bank, the Federal government, etc…) gives you or … Continue reading

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Don’t Fall for It

July 22, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Random   |   0 Comment

Payday lenders are notorious for using smiley means to try and collect on their loans. A client received the attached email from a so called attorney regarding her pay day loan. First off, not paying a loan is a civil … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Quote of the Day

May 05, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Random   |   0 Comment

Stolen from Jay Jump at We are but mere infantry soldiers, amassed in the trenches of a righteous battle for the protection and recognition of our dwindling constitutional rights. Go forth young man, and smite thy creditors for it … Continue reading

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