Don’t Fall for It

Payday lenders are notorious for using smiley means to try and collect on their loans. A client received the attached email from a so called attorney regarding her pay day loan.

First off, not paying a loan is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. So if this so called attorney had reported it to HPD, he would have been laughed out of the office.

Secondly, the statute cited doesn’t exist. FDCPA has nothing to do with this either.

Thirdly, I can find no record of a Jason Scott at White & Case Law Associates. Nor would a self-respecting attorney use a gmail address like

So if you ever get an email like this and are concerned about it, call an attorney or your local legal aid. Don’t be suckered by this kind of BS

Let me introduce myself. I am a Senior Attorney Jasson Scott from White & Case Law Associates. As we were trying to reach you since a couple of days regarding a very serious matter about a lawsuit filed on your name stating that you are doing some fraud and Civil litigations.

I am really very sorry to say you that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong I thought that I shall call you and notify you about this matter. But as I was not able to reach you I am sending you a final notification Email. So please take a piece of paper and write down your case file ca# and second thing since it’s a legal matter you will be needed my help, so please write down my callback number is (281) 677 6700 Ext 192 For the records you.

Name:- xxxxxx
SSN:- xxxxx
Email:- xxxx

The Factual Basis for the complaints is as follows:-

Violation of Federal Banking Regulation.
Collateral Cheque Fraud.
Theft by Deception.

The Legal Affidavit States that x Was Monitored online Using the Email Address: ( e.g: x) In Order To Solicited Funds From a Website which is Own and Operated By American Cash Advance. The Funds Were Successfully Transferred Into Your Bank, Utilizing an interstate EFT ( That stands for Electronic Funds Transfer ) But at The Time Of repayment When the Clients Attempted To Extract The Funds Back there were 6 EFT’s Returned Constituting Worthless Electronic Cheque, So As of Now Rather Than Chasing You For Money They Have Simply Decided to write This money as a loss and deemed to be stolen As well as press charges against you in your state under your social security number.

Now this legal affidavit has been taken care by FDCPA Law Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Chapter: 9 Section: 19

This means just two things for you.

1) If You are on any state Supervised probation on pay roll , you will need to top contact the officer about this case and make themaware about this case.

2) If You have any prior Conviction Including But Not Limited To Worthless Cheques, Grand Theft, or money Laundering Please Make it a note that the attorney General of your state would handle this case as that of an habitual offender , as your state is strictly zero tolerance state.

This is also to inform you that my clients that are your creditor have got all the rights and legal authorities to inform your current employer about what you have done in the past and what shall be the results and the consequences once this case would be downloaded which might lead to termination.

Finally You do have a right to an attorney if you don’t have one or you cannot afford one, One Shall be appointed to you But Please make sure You Have Someone To help you out regarding this case, because once this case would be executed and if you lose the case against the jury then the legal charges which would be levied upon you would be $11958 – this amount would be excluding your attorney charges your bail charges and the outstanding amount you owe to the clients.

If you need some further information please call us back on our number.

Senior Attorney:- Jasson Scott
Number:- (281) 677 6700

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