Did Bank of America Lose Your Loan Modification?

As a bankruptcy attorney, I’ve heard many stories from clients about their loan modifications. A common theme I hear in many of their stories is documents being lost. Clients would swear up and down that they sent in the documents multiple times, but yet when they called the servicer, the servicer denied receiving the documents and instructed the client to send them again.

In this he said/she said battle, it turns out that the borrowers were the truthful ones all along. In various court cases again Bank of America, affidavits outlining Bank of America’s policies regarding denying loan modification were filed here, here, here, here and here.

A common thread in all these statements is that Bank of America made a conscious effort to deny loan modifications while at the same time professing to the public and Congress that they were doing all they could. So if you had a Bank of America loan mod denied even after doing everything requested, you were right all along.

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