Kona Meeting Location and 341 Meeting Location

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For Kona and other West Hawaii, I meet my bankruptcy clients at the Starbucks on Henry Street. This Starbucks is uphill from the Central Pacific Bank and across the street from Denny and Safeway. There is another Starbucks on Palani, but I’ve found that one to be too crowded.

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On the Big Island, unfortunately, all the 341 meetings are held in Hilo, so you will have to make the trek across the island to attend your 341 meeting. Meetings are held in the State Office Building at 75 Aupuni Street. It is an older building, right behind the new Hawaii Courthouse. It is metered parking, so bring quarters to feed the meter.

After entering the building, head right until you see a bunch of chairs in the corner. I will meet you there or in the meeting room which is down the hall. The door to the meeting room is open and there is usually a list of 341 Hearings taped on the outside wall. The building is a giant circle so as long as you stay on the main floor, you will find it eventually. Make sure to bring picture ID and Social Security Card to your 341 meeting.


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