Non-Emergency, Same-Day Filings

If you don’t have an emergency and we aren’t too busy that day, we can file for you the same day you come in for your consultation.

Our normal process is to meet with you the first time, give you instructions about the documents you need and the forms to fill out, and then send you home. When that is done, you will come in again to review the documents with us. After 1-2 weeks, we will have you come in to sign and file your bankruptcy. All of this can be condensed into 1 day if you have everything together.

There are three conditions for same-day filings: you cannot own real estate, your income must be below the median for your family size for the state of Hawaii, and you must live on Oahu.

If this still sounds like a good idea to you, what do you need to file the same day?

  • First thing to do is to call the office. The attorney needs to be in the office that day and we need to send you the forms ahead of time so you can complete them before coming in.
  • Credit counseling. This needs to be done before you can file. We will direct you to preferred credit counseling providers if you haven’t already gotten your certificate.
  • Completed questionnaire. This will be emailed to you when you call so you have time to complete it.
  • Six months of pay statements for you and your spouse (unless you are separated). If you or your spouse isn’t working, we need bank statements to verify the income (social security, SSI, retirement, etc.)
  • Last 2 filed Federal tax returns.
  • Bills. This includes credit card statements, loan statements, car loan statements, collection letters, attorney letters, court papers, etc.
  • Lastly, we need the full fee in cash. Since we are looking to file right away, we don’t have the time for your check to clear. We will give the estimated price when you call us to schedule.

If you can’t do all of this, don’t worry. You can do a regular filing and take whatever time you need. We do reserve the right to not file any petition if something isn’t right; we will not file your bankruptcy without knowing what the likely outcome will be or if the expected outcome doesn’t match your goals.

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