P is for Preference

A preference in bankruptcy is a situation where a debtor “prefers” one creditor of the same class over another creditor. In more precise terms, it is a payment or transfer by an insolvent debtor, made to a creditor on a preexisting debt which allows the preferred creditor to receive more than they would in a Chapter 7.

Some preferences are OK. For example, you can pay things like taxes or child support before other creditors since they generally are the highest priority creditors. You could also choose to pay secured creditors before unsecured, non-priority creditors.

The biggest problems occur when you pay back friends or family members before filing. Since most family loans are unsecured, paying your family or friends back while not paying back other creditors will be a preference. There are ways to avoid these problems, but you need to talk to your attorney first. We can only fix the things we know about.

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