Modifying your Chapter 13 Plan

In a Chapter 13 plan, you commit to pay a certain amount for 3-5 years. What do you do when things change?

Depending on your changed situation, you can either modify you Chapter 13 Plan or convert your case to Chapter 7. If you choose to modify, your new payment will usually be based on your new income. Depending on who you are paying in your plan, the amount your plan payment can be reduced varies. You can also shorten or lengthen your plan to address any shortcomings.

If you choose to convert to chapter 7, you will need to pay our office an additional fee, but you can stop making your Chapter 13 Plan payments. You also need to attend a new 341 meeting with the chapter 7 trustee. The 341 meeting for a chapter 7 is held at the same place as the chapter 13 341 meeting and the trustee will ask similar questions.

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