Documents for your inital consulatation

When you come in for you initial consultation we ask you to bring in 6 months of pay statements, last two filed tax Federal tax returns and copies of bills and other documentation of your debts.

If you don’t have those documents immediately available, bring in what you have. You will need to eventually get all those documents together before filing.

If you don’t have pay statements, ask your HR department for copies. If you are self-employed, unemployed or on some kind of public assistance, we need some kind of documentation of income.

If you don’t have tax returns because you made too little money or only had nontaxable income, we need to know how much income from any source you had in the last two years. You can also get copies of your tax transcript from the IRS if you filed your taxes but lost the actual forms.

If you don’t have copies of your credit car statements, loan statements, collection letters, attorney letters, etc… we will get you credit report so the major creditors should appear there.

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