Analysis of Act 48 “Temporary Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program” Part Two

Part 2 will discuss the actual dispute resolution process:

  • Mediations shally be scheduled 30 to 60 days after the owner elects to mediate. The foreclosure can not continue forward while the mediation is ongoing.
  • Mortgage holder must show note and assignments, mortgage and assignments, and documentation demonstrating default. I suspect if there will be litigation, it will be around these issues.
  • Owners needs to show proof of income, records if there is a dispute of default, records involving any loan modification of negotiations, info about anyone helping owner on curing the default, and proof of credit counseling/housing counseling. These requirements are substantially similar to what we do for bankruptcy purposes. Seeing an attorney before mediation is a good idea. Owners can be represented by an attorney for the mediation and can help you put together your documentation and create a budget. Furthermore, if the mediation is unsuccessful, a bankruptcy attorney can help you by giving you a plan B.
  • The first mediation hearing should be no more than 3 hours long. It can be extended for another 3 hours at mediator’s discretion.
  • The mortgage company can attend the mediation in person or by phone or teleconference. Mediator can delay sessions to get a live person. Large mortgage companies are required to have an office in Hawaii.
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