FDCPA or how to get creditors to pay for you bankruptcy

Debt collectors are regulated by something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Violations of the FDCPA can entitle you to money damages from collection agencies. How do you cash in? Simply put, the key is record keeping.

The No. 1 violation of FDCPA we see is a debt collector communicating with a person who is known to be represented by an attorney. Once you have started paying us, you are represented by an attorney. We will fax representation letters to any collection agency you have records for. If a collection agency contacts you after they received our fax or after you’ve told them you have retained us, you are entitled to at statutory $1000 in damages.

We give you a call log to track you collection calls. You keep records about who called, when they called and what the call was about. With our records of the faxes and your records of the calls, we will be able to prove the violation. Always make sure to tell collectors that you’ve retained us. The better your records, the easier it is to prove a violation. Keep good enough records and maybe you can make enough money to get your creditors to pay for your bankruptcy.

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